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Triple Creek Ranch

100th Birday Quest

Are you up for the challenge?  For the serious birdwatcher and nature-lover, Triple Creek Ranch is offering an exclusive all-day event: A quest to find 100 species of birds in a day.  The expedition will begin on the ranch campus in the early morning then journey to the West Fork and our private 26,000 acre, CB Ranch.  This  adventure trail may loop to Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge, Ross's Hole or the Big Hole Valley.  Explore Western Montana's mountains, canyons, river-beds, wet-lands and open prairies and rise to the challenge of spotting 100 species of our feathered friends.  Accompanied by TCR's sharp-eyed nature guides and in vans providing a birds-eye view in all directions, you are sure to spot wildlife and vistas beyond belief in what the natives refer to as 'Big Sky' country.  The bird populations vary with the seasons and in Montana over 400 species have been sighted including your favorite passerines, raptors, owls, waterfowl and more, which migrate and inhabit Western North America. 

Sample List:

Evening Grosbeak; Black-Headed Grosbeak; Steller's Jay; Black billed Magpie; Common Raven; Brown-Headed Cowbird; Calliope Hummingbird; Rufous Hummingbird; Cassin's Finch; Cedar Waxwing; Eastern Kingbird; Red Naped Sapsucker; Turkey Vulture; Great Blue Heron; Osprey; Belted Kingfisher; Lazuli Bunting; Mourning Dove; Rock Dove; Fox Sparrow; Western Tanager; Lewis's Woodpecker; American Dipper; Bald Eagle; Red-Tailed Hawk; Coopers Hawk; Sharp-Shinned Hawk; Mountain Bluebird; Savannah Sparrow; Western Meadowlark; Killdeer; Spotted Sandpiper; Northern Flicker; American Kestrel; Western Kingbird; Bobolink; Red-Winged Blackbird; Canadian Goose; Common Merganser; Boreal Owl; Gray Jay; Yellow Warbler; Marsh Wren; Swainson's Hawk; Wilson's Phalarope; Yellow-Headed Blackbird; Long Billed Curlew; Blue-Winged Teal; Cinnamon Teal; Green-Winged Teal; American Coot; Eared Grebe; Northern Harrier; Snowy Owl; Ring-Billed Gull; Ring Necked Pheasant; Gadwall; Canvasback; American Wigeon; Northern Pintail; Peregrine Falcon; Trumpeter Swan; Great-Horned Owl; White-Faced Ibis; Northern Shoveler; Wilson's Snipe; Short-Eared Owl; Sandhill Crane; Rough-Legged Hawk; Spotted Towee; American Goldfinch; Bufflehead; Common Goldeneye

Triple Creek Ranch staff scored 98% (98 species) on their first outing in June.  We challenge bird-lovers from far and near to participate in our next randomly scheduled 100th Birday quest for a 100% and more!  For more information on this event or other guided nature tours at Triple Creek Ranch email our activity coordinators at activities@triplecreekranch.com or phone 800-654-2943.


Cabin rates starting at $950* per couple, per night. Our all inclusive fees, include your luxurious accommodations, snacks, breakfast, lunch, gourmet dinners, house wines and house spirits and all featured on-ranch activities.

*Subject To Change

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