Trap Shooting

Trapshooting and Sporting Clays

With the magnificent views of the Bitterroot Mountain range to the west and the Sapphire Mountain range to the east, enjoy Five Stand Trapshooting or Five Stand Sporting Clays with the helpful staff at the Hamilton Trap Club. In Trapshooting, competitors can test and hone their shooting skills as clays are sprung from the trap in various directions and angles. As Trapshooting can take three forms (singles, handicap and double-target shooting), contestants can choose the level of difficulty they desire. Sporting clays, often described as “golf with a shotgun”, involves six to nine traps that pitch clays in numerous combinations. The level of unpredictability involved in sporting clays adds a degree of excitement. Trapshooting and Sporting Clays at the Hamilton Trap Club is scenic, safe and well-organized. With advance notice, Triple Creek Ranch guests have private use and instruction. Cost is $95.00 per person for Trapshooting and/or Sporting Clays. Depart Triple Creek Ranch with your guide at 9:15am or 1:15 pm, approximately 3-4 hours. Cancellation the morning of is full price.