Women’s Adventures

NEW for 2016
Cowgirl Gourmet Getaway Package

Available in January and February

Triple Creek Ranch is pleased to introduce a bespoke vacation opportunity for a group of girlfriends seeking the perfect long-weekend winter getaway. Escape to Montana with your posse for four days of luxury enhanced by a wine tasting, cooking classes, an evening at our renown Chef’s table, a cross country horseback ride on a sunny winter day ~ with a stop along the way for a fireside gourmet lunch, massages, yoga classes and a special movie night. We will tailor your itinerary to your groups’ wishes, ensuring a relaxing retreat filled with activities to delight all the senses!

Package rates are simply based on the all-inclusive nightly cabin rate for your selected accommodation, plus an additional $500 per cowgirl that includes:

  • Cooking Schools
  • Chef’s Table Dining Experience
  • Wine Tasting Reception
  • Cross Country Horseback Ride with Gourmet Al Fresco Lunch
  • Movie Night with Custom Snack Menu
  • Daily Yoga Classes
  • A One Hour Massage
  • Custom Leather Keepsake Recipe Book

Calling all cowgirls! Ranch owner Barbara Barrett invites you to join her for these all-women western riding adventures. Explore the vast terrain of Montana’s Bitterroot Mountain Range in the company of kindred spirits.

Women’s Rocky Mountain Rendezvous

Wednesday, May 4 to Monday, May 9, 2016

Adventurous women are invited to Triple Creek Ranch to explore western Montana’s scenic Rocky Mountains and experience spirited cowgirl culture while enjoying luxurious accommodations, delicious food and an award-winning wine selection. At this time of year, as the mountains shake off their mantle of snow and shiver into spring, the Bitterroot Valley comes to life ~ rivers and creeks swell with the melting snow, determined daffodils reach for the sky, and newborn animals test their knobby new legs. With one eye on the distant horizon and one eye on the task at hand, the adventurous team of women will spend their days riding the ridges and valleys checking fences and searching for wayward calves, or hiking, birding, fly-fishing, or any of a myriad of exciting activities. Evenings will be dedicated to culinary delights, fine wine, lively camaraderie, reflection, and fun in the western elegance of Triple Creek Ranch’s lodge and cabins.

Klicks for Chicks

Wednesday, October 19 to Monday, October 24, 2016

This all-women’s ride will be for ‘chicks’ only. While traveling companions are welcome to the many exciting activities and luxurious accommodations Triple Creek Ranch has to offer; cowgirls will venture into deep canyons, over mountain passes, past crystal clear lakes and through pristine meadows to discover the ‘last frontier’ and wilds of the Rocky Mountain West. As the adventure progresses, riders return each evening to the ranch where the home fires burn and cocktails, gourmet food and luxury cabins await. Then after a restful night, cowgirls mount up and venture out for another day on the scenic ‘Big Sky’‘ frontier.

Cowgirl-Up for Parkinsons! Triple Creek Ranch will donate a $1 for every mile ridden by every cowgirl. The Ranch is sponsoring the Montana-based, non-profit organization, Summit for Parkinson’s, sister foundation to the Brian Grant Foundation, in order to raise funds and awareness in the community.

A fireside awards ceremony at the home of Triple Creek Ranch’s owner, Barbara Barrett, will follow the last day’s ride.

Included in this adventure is a Triple Creek Ranch gift and stories to re-tell for a lifetime.