Guided Wellness


Enjoy a yoga class that you’re not trying to squeeze into a busy workday, and breathe deeply to fill your lungs with the fresh mountain air! Classes are offered daily, Wednesday through Saturday, and held outdoors as often as weather and temperatures allow.

Contemplative Sessions

In the peaceful quiet of your cabin or a serene hidden corner on the Ranch, relax to a Private Guided Meditation Session. Clear and focus your mind to bring yourself fully into the present, and better absorb all the natural, stress-relieving benefits of your vacation in the Montana wilderness. For a more active approach, experience a session of Mindful Forest Walking. The concept of nature therapy has seen an increase in popularity ~ doctors of renown have begun to simply prescribe nature as a foundation for physical, intellectual and spiritual health. Contemplate and wholly experience the vast nature that surrounds us on this unhurried, guided hike through the forest, where you will be invited to engage all of your senses with the natural world.

Please visit our Mountain Wellness page for information about mountain spa services and a private Yoga on the Mountain session that includes a brief hike to a secluded location for your private yoga class.

*NEW* in 2021 – Join us for our inaugural Mountain Wellness Retreat weekend!