black lab dog with a snowy face and cross country skiers

Lavene Creek Trail Experiences

In 2018 we broke ground on an extensive new trail system at Lavene Creek, which is just a few minutes from the Main Lodge. The Lavene Creek Trails offer a 15+ mile, looped trail system with varied terrain that makes it ideal for playing in the forest all year round! We continue to find exciting new activities to facilitate here, and for Summer 2020 we are introducing a new series of backcountry skills.

Experiences at Lavene Creek are guided by Triple Creek Ranch staff as part of our inclusive Experience Menu, and all equipment and safety gear are provided along with beverages and snacks! From May through September, Lavene Creek activities are two-hour sessions offered daily at 9:00am, 11:30am and 2:00pm except as noted. Tours are customized to ability levels, with a maximum of four guests scheduled for each session.

Winter Activities at Lavene Creek

Guided Winter Trail Experiences

Snowshoe Hike
Embark on a leisurely snowshoe hike to explore the thickly forested terrain.

Fat Tire Snow Biking
The Lavene Creek trail system offers the perfect terrain to have some fun on our new fat tire snow bikes! Ride lengths can be customized.

Snowshoe Running (offered on demand)
Start your day with an invigorating snowshoe run. A brief tutorial is provided, and run lengths can be customized.

Summer, Spring & Fall Activities at Lavene Creek

Guided Trail Experiences

Ease into the thrill of hiking our unspoiled Montana wilderness with this guided hike.

Nordic Walking
Beginners and advanced hikers can enjoy a high intensity version of hiking that utilizes specialized walking poles to provide a full body workout. After your guide provides you with a brief lesson, you will set out on the trails.

Beginner Mountain Biking
If you’re new to mountain biking or simply want to enjoy an easygoing flat single-track, we have the perfect activity for you. Before setting out on your ride, your guide will provide a safety tutorial and overview of riding on dirt trails.

Trail Running (offered on demand)
Unleash your inner child and embark on a trail run. If you’re new to trail running, your guide will offer a brief overview of running on dirt and if you desire, provide coaching along the route.

Guided Backcountry Experiences 

Fell Hiking
Take your adventure off the trail where our guides will teach you how to bushwhack through the backcountry, and your trek is definitely more about the journey than the destination!

Once the purview of the military, rucking is popping up at gyms across the country as a creative cardio workout. A brisk hike with a weighted backpack sounds pretty simple, but your legs and core will tell a different story!