Lewis & Clark Adventures

Lewis & Clark Trail Ride with Rawhide Outfitters

These leisurely horse rides traverse along a picturesque trail that was traveled by Lewis & Clark. With amazing views and wildlife, you will get a sense of what it must have been like for Lewis & Clark during their historic crossing. Reaching the summit, observe a panoramic view of the Continental Divide where a delicious picnic lunch is provided by Rawhide Outfitters. An additional fee of $180.00 (rate does not include a 6% Idaho sales tax) is assessed and will be added to your cabin invoice. Half day adventures are $110 per person. Guests drive themselves, just an hour and fifteen minutes from Triple Creek Ranch to meet their guide at North Fork, Idaho at 9:30 am. If guest cancels within 30 days a 30% charge will be added to the invoice; within 48 hours full price. Minimum of 2 riders required. Lewis & Clark Trail Rides are offered Sunday through Friday from June to August depending on snow levels. Depart at 8:15 am and return in the afternoon between 4:00 and 5:00pm.

Lewis & Clark Van Tour with Rawhide Outfitters

With Rawhide Outfitters as your guide, retrace the historic trails and the awe-inspiring journey of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The Lemhi and Salmon River Valleys, in present-day Idaho, were home to Sacajawea, the only female member of the Expedition. On top of the Lemhi Pass, Meriwether Lewis exclaimed, “The Continental Divide, at last!”. Your interpreter and experienced Guide will take you on this amazing journey and historical tour. Relive August 1805 and Thomas Jefferson’s Corps of Discovery. The air-conditioned van tour starts at the Sacajawea Interpretive Center in Salmon, ID. The Center is just 1½ hour drive from Triple Creek Ranch. Guests drive themselves to the Center, approximately ninety minutes, leaving at 8:15am, and returning back to Triple Creek Ranch at approximately 5:30pm. A delicious homemade picnic lunch will be provided. Van Tours are offered May 1 to September 30 (depending on snow level), Sundays through Fridays. The cost is $120 per person and will be added to your cabin invoice. Minimum of 4 required. Cancellation within 30 days is 30%; 48 hours is full price.

Lewis & Clark Descent Trail Hike

Join Ted Hall and Blaine Furniss on a 3-mile hike down the “descent trail,” following in the footsteps of Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea. This trail passes through the “Whitehouse thicket” and down a narrow ridge where it is possible to touch or hug a living tree that witnessed their passing in 1805. The cost of $10 per person will be added to the cabin invoice. Guests need a vehicle to meet their guides, a 35-minute drive from Triple Creek Ranch. Offered various Wednesdays and Saturdays, June through September, from approximately 8:20am to 1:00pm.