Fly Fishing Events

Steelhead Fly Fishing Celebration

Thursday, November 2 to Monday, November 6, 2017

Steelhead, an anadromous fish, is an ocean-going form of rainbow trout and cousin to the Salmon. These migratory fish hatch in freshwater, head to the ocean as juveniles and grow to adulthood in 1-3 years. Then, return to the place of their birth to spawn. Quite an astounding feat for this resolute trout and just as amazing to catch with a fly rod on Idaho’s wild and unspoiled Salmon River.

Dubbed “The River of No Return,” the Salmon River, over 400 miles long, is the longest free-flowing river within one state in the lower 48 and virtually a recreation mecca for every fly fisher. Rich in the history of the West, this area was a winter home to the Nez Perce, the haunt of early Chinese placer miners, and abode to nineteenth century homesteaders and outlaws. Today, it is home to a variety of migratory birds, waterfowl and animals. You never know what you may spot along its shores just around the bend.

From the ranch, you will drive to North Fork, Idaho, a scenic drive to meet experienced guides of Rawhide Outfitters. Adorned in all its fall grandeur, fishing for the mighty steelhead on the Salmon River promises to be an exhilarating experience for anyone with a fish caught on the end of a fly rod. Craig Barrett, Triple Creek Ranch owner and avid fly fisherman, will lead this four-day outdoor sporting event. The weekend’s activities* include two days of guided fly fishing and a day trip to Hamilton Trap Club, where trap shooting and five-stand are sure to test your ‘deadeye’.

Each evening, anglers gather to enjoy cocktails and swap tales of the day before sitting down to a savory gourmet dinner. If these activities spark your interest, don’t be shy, we have excellent teachers and qualified guides for all levels of experience.

*Additional fees apply for guided fish floats, trap shooting and Idaho fishing license