Triple Creek Ranch announces two new packages


Starting this spring, guests to Triple Creek Ranch will have new ways to hone or show off their fishing and riding skills: the new Selway/Bitterroot Fly-Fishing Package and the Horseback Adventure Package. In the fly-fishing package, wilderness fly-fishing along the wild Selway River, accessible only by plane, and float fishing the Bitterroot River and its famous tributaries offer unforgettable angling opportunities. For adventurers on horseback a day will be spent fine-tuning riding and roping skills while exploring the ridges and canyons of the vast CB Ranch, another day spent working and moving the herds on a real cattle drive, and capping it all off, the third day will be spent flying into the Selway Wilderness then riding among the pristine mountains and rivers of nothern Idaho. Whether fishing or riding, all essential gear is provided; and all meals, beverages, house wines and spirits are included. Accommodations are in newly remodeled log cabins, designed with Western luxury in mind. At the end of each day, guests return to the privacy of their cabin to unwind in front of the fireplace, enjoy a couple’s massage and sip champagne in their hot tub. Guests also enjoy a nightly candlelit dinner in the Lodge’s award-winning dining room, featuring Executive Chef Jacob Leatherman’s inspired regional and seasonal cuisine selections.

Wilderness Fly-Fishing on the Selway River and Floating the Bitterroot
Fly-fishing in Idaho’s remote Selway River valley adds a peaceful twist to the already famous fly-fishing tableau at Triple Creek Ranch. In addition to fishing on the nearby Bitterroot River, guests will enjoy fishing the Selway River, in a setting where sightings of fish and wildlife will be more plentiful than sightings of people. There are no roads along this remote segment of the Selway River, so quiet privacy is guaranteed. With a hearty pack breakfast prepared by the Triple Creek Ranch chefs, guests fly from nearby Hamilton to the banks of the Selway River, where a guide awaits with horses to ride to the best fishing spots along this catch-and-release river, famous for its cutthroat, rainbow, bull and steelhead trout. Or guests may choose to simply hike and bank fish in the tradition of the great American explorers. The hour-long flight sets the mood, soaring across the craggy Bitterroot Mountains, across the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness Area and into northern Idaho. In addition to its top-rated fishing, the Selway River valley is home to a vast array of wildlife. The day concludes with a return flight to enjoy a gourmet dinner and a comfortable cabin at the Ranch.
Three and four-day packages are offered which feature the Selway River Trip (exclusively for Triple Creek Ranch guests) plus days of fishing the Bitterroot River or its tributaries, or ranch activities on all other days. Discounted, all-inclusive, per-couple rates range from $5,356 to $5,486 for the four-night package and $5,062 to $6,412 for the five-night package. Or customize your extended fishing package by adding your choice of fishing on the Salmon or Big Hole Rivers.
Horseback Adventure Package
A true Western experience is offered with this new horseback riding adventure, exclusive to guests staying at Triple Creek Ranch. Included in the three-day/four-night package is one day of horsemanship focused on riding in the Selway River valley. Cowboy Basics Day includes catching and saddling your own horse before riding off into the hills. Participants will also get pointers on rope handling from the Triple Creek Ranch cowboys, with on-the-job roping lessons available. They will then travel to the nearby CB Ranch for a ride through the ranch’s 26,000 acres offering magnificent vistas of the Bitterroot Valley and abundant opportunities for wildlife spotting. Elk, deer, and mountain lions roam freely; and bald eagles and golden eagles soar overhead. An occasional coyote or wolf has been seen as well.
Participation in a Triple Creek Ranch hosted Cattle Drive is next on the agenda. Leaving from the Sula Peak Ranch and the beautiful French Basin, this highly popular activity tests all levels of horsemanship skills while moving herds of cattle from one picturesque pasture to another. A picnic lunch is included.
A one-day trip to the untouched Selway Wilderness valley for a day of horseback riding gives guests the chance to enjoy one of America’s rare natural treasures. Guests take a one-hour flight into northern Idaho to arrive where there are no roads and no people. Privacy is plentiful and pristine, untrammeled land, wildlife and amazing vistas are guaranteed.
Discounted, all-inclusive per-couple package prices for the three-day/four-night package range from $4,346 to $5,486.
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