Dog Sledding

Visualize yourself behind a team of spirited sled dogs mushing along blue-tinted, snowy ridges with silent, shrouded mountains in the background. This image pulls at the heartstrings of every romantic outdoors person. With thirteen-time Iditarod Race finisher and mushing guide, Jessie Royer, you will receive complete instruction and experience firsthand the growing excitement and enthusiasm of the dogs before the ride even begins.

With Jessie’s expertise, learn how to harness and hitch your team of dogs to a sled, proper stop and go procedures and how to maneuver your sled as if you were actually partaking in the Iditarod Race itself.

Dog sledding fee is $325 per person or $425 for tandem riders. If you do not wish to drive the sled you can let Jessie do the driving! For select weeks in January each year, we are delighted to offer each guest one complementary dog sled ride. At this time of year the dogs need extra training before the race in March! Sign up for our Newsletter so we can let you know when we have determined the dates for 2016.

The Last Great Race On Earth 2015

In 2015 Jessie Royer was the first woman to cross the finish line in Nome and finished fourth overall! An amazing accomplishment and Triple Creek Ranch is enormously proud of Jessie and the J-Team!