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An oasis of luxury in the Montana wilderness

Triple Creek Ranch is an intimate, luxury ranch resort designed for adults. Situated among the towering pines on the southern side of Trapper Peak, the highest mountain in the Bitterroot Mountain Range of Western Montana, this unforgettable retreat merges unmatched natural beauty with plush comfort and exceptional personal service.

From the beautiful, welcoming Main Lodge, world-class restaurant and award-winning wine cellar, to the deluxe private guest cabins nestled in the trees throughout the property, it is the attention to the smallest details that make the Triple Creek Ranch experience so memorable.


Montana. The word conjures images of the majestic, vast spaces encountered by the early Spanish explorers who bestowed this name upon a territory rich in natural wonders and abundant wildlife. Pristine rivers burst forth from snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountain range and meander through a countryside that has not been greatly altered since Lewis & Clark first limned its boundaries. Today, countless acres of unspoiled wilderness serve as an unparalleled playground for adventurers of every kind. They share this space with the bison and elk who still roam freely, and not much else. Come experience the Last Best Place at Triple Creek Ranch, a serene mountain escape of plush comfort and quiet, elegant civilization from which our guests set forth each day to play under the Big Sky and breathe deeply its exhilarating air.

Triple Creek Ranch History

The original 40 acres of the ranch belonged to Reverend and Mrs. House from New York State. He was a minister in Conner and she taught at the little red schoolhouse on Piquett Creek Road. Both were also teachers at the school in Darby and they raised four children in the original house located at the center of Triple Creek Ranch.

The first fifty acres of Triple Creek Ranch was purchased and developed by a Michigan industrialist in 1982. Triple Creek Ranch served as his personal retreat for the first four years and then was developed into “Triple Creek Ranch, a Montana Hideaway”. In 1993, he sold the property and business to the current owners, a couple who, as frequent guests, had fallen in love with the ranch. They have since infused the resort with a passion and enthusiasm that have made it the elegant Montana high country resort it is today. In 1996, Triple Creek Ranch became a member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux Association.

Over the years the ranch has continued to evolve with new cabins, expanded facilities and exhilarating new ways to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

The CB Ranch

Just a few miles from the Main Ranch and bordered by the Bitterroot River on its west side, the majestic CB Ranch stretches as far as the eye can see, offering breathtaking views of the imperial Trapper Peak and the Bitterroot Valley. Here, guests will find over 26,000 acres of Montana countryside that is home to a working cattle operation and a roaming herd of bison.

A portion of the land is under a conservation easement, and migratory wildlife such as elk and deer find refuge here in an unofficial sanctuary. It is the ideal location for guests to enjoy a CB Ranch Excursion such as a Scenic Drive, or to ride the open range on a Cross-Country Horseback Ride.

Seasonally, our Orchard & Garden on the CB Ranch bask in the bountiful Montana sunshine and keep a steady supply of fresh produce flowing to the kitchen. The orchard boasts a variety of unique apple types that arrive to the Main Ranch by the barrel full to be run through our classic cider press.

Triple Creek Ranch is proud to the be the Presenting Sponsor for The Russell Art Auction at the C.M. Russell Center in Great Falls, MT.

Western Art Collection

Over 1,500 pieces and counting of Original western art in all mediums, featured indoors & out throughout the ranch, offer a consistent yet subtle backdrop to any Triple Creek Ranch visit.

Ranch owners Craig and Barbara Barrett are passionate about western fine art and have carefully curated a magnificent collection of original pieces that showcase their exquisite taste, which ranges from classic western artists such as Charles M. Russell and Frederick Remington to contemporary artists including William Matthews and Oleg Stavrowsky. Stunning artwork graces the walls of the Main Lodge and each of the guest cabins. On Wednesday evenings in the summer, guests are invited to Elk Meadow, the Barretts’ personal residence, for a festive cocktail hour and a tour of their private art collection.

In the words of owner Craig Barrett:

The art represents all that we love about Montana: The history, the mountains, the outdoor activities, the native animals, and most importantly, the historical culture and society of past generations.  It is hard to not imagine yourself as a potential subject in one of the pieces of art when you embark on your daily adventures.  As the real value of art is in sharing it with others, we try to expose our guests to as much art as possible.

An extension of this passion for art is manifest in our Artist Workshop Weekends, when guests have the opportunity to work side-by-side with prominent western artists during a weekend filled with art, laughter, exceptional dining, and camaraderie. In addition, in summer 2019 we introduced an Artist in Residence program, inviting some of our favorite artist partners to join guests for a long weekend of inspired creativity!

Map of Main Ranch

Triple Creek Ranch Property Map 2023