OCTOBER, 2010 promises to be one of the best on record for the Steelhead run on the Salmon River.   Fisherman and fisherwomen, young or old, expert to novice will enjoy catching this feisty fish.  Steelheads are commonly known as rainbow trout.  The term steelhead is used to differentiate between those rainbows that stay in fresh water and those that go out to sea.  Both rainbow and steelhead trout return to the place where they hatched in order to spawn but,  unlike their Pacific salmon cousins, steelheads and rainbows can spawn numerous times, where salmon make their journey only once.  
Color can be another significant difference between steelhead and rainbow trout.  Rainbows keep the colorful stripe down their sides, while steelhead lose their luminescent marking when going out to sea.  Living in saltwater also allows the steelhead to grow much larger than its counterpart, 20 – 40 inches in length and up to 42 pounds verses 12 – 36 inch norm for the fresh water rainbows.  Female steelheads are less colorful and have mouths that closely resemble a trout where males or bucks have a longer hook-like snout similar to a coho salmon. 
On the Salmon River the fish come in cold weather, usually the third and fourth week of October.  Spawning times for the Salmon River are late October through mid to late April.  Hot spawning time is usally December through March. 
Both fish are prized by fishermen and fisherwomen as big fighters when hooked;  they begin to jump almost immediately and landing one on a fly-rod is quite a thrill.  This is what our guides at ‘Rawhide Outfitters’ have to say, “This past fall 2009 steelhead run was one of the largest on record. These large steelhead numbers are arriving here on the upper Salmon River.  Fly-fishing steelheaders will have a great time, as these fish stack up on the gravel bars and channels. The hatchery steelhead returns have been very successful with a strong native run as well. We use dory-type drift boats equipped with heaters. All methods of steelhead fishing techniques are used, but primarily we like back trolling plugs or bait and steelhead fly fishing, depending upon the preference and skill level of our fishing clients. A fisherman sized lunch is prepared homemade, hot and very tasty. Steelhead fishing on the Salmon river is truly an unforgettable experience!”
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