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Artisanal Soap & Candle Making

Hands-On Artisan Workshops

At Triple Creek Ranch we are constantly seeking new ways for our guests to engage with the sights, scents, and tastes of Montana. We are excited to announce our new Artisanal Soap & Candle Making workshops, where guests can spend some time with our on-site expert in hands-on workshops, crafting unique treasures to bring a little piece of Montana home. The workshops are an included experience, currently available as regularly scheduled sessions during our winter season in groups of up to 4 guest on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays.

pouring soap into molds

Soap Making

Select from olive oil, shea butter or goat’s milk to pair with your glycerin base, then add color, texture, and scent to create a soap of your own design. Organic herbs and clays such as alkanet root and spirulina will imbue your soap with rich color. Perhaps you’d like to add some oats for a textured scrub. Choose the perfect blend of organic essential oils like lavender, cedar or lemongrass to add delicate scent. Pour into molds to set, and we will package up your soaps to bring home.

Candle Making

When you light this candle back at home, we hope the flame conjures warm memories of your days in the Bitterroot Mountains and your Triple Creek Ranch experience. Select from a wide variety of organic essential oils such as orange, fir, clove and cedar to blend with your beeswax or soy candle base. Choose a wick of beeswax or wood and pour into custom glass jars. Once set, we will cap it off with its wood lid and bundle up to tuck in your suitcase.

pouring candle wax into jar