Orchard & Gardens

Nestled in a sunny gulch on the CB Ranch, the Triple Creek Ranch Orchard and Gardens provide a seasonal bounty of fresh produce for the kitchen. Apples, plums, cherries and pears delight with colorful blossoms in spring, and furnish delectable fruit that ripens throughout the summer. In the fall, fresh apples arrive at the ranch by the bushel to be turned into cider that we can store to use throughout the year!

Fresh raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and gooseberries add color and delicate sweetness to many dishes and are preserved as jams to be enjoyed throughout the year. Freshly picked beets, kale, snap peas, squash, spinach, and a wide variety of greens make their way onto plates at every meal, along with fresh herbs. Cocktails served in the Rooftop Lounge also benefit from our bounty ~ that mint in your mojito was likely just picked this morning! A stop by the gardens is always a highlight of our summer and fall Scenic Drives, when guests are invited to pluck a handful of ripe strawberries or a luscious Dakota Gold apple.