Rooftop Lounge Selma Hayak Neon Artwork Wine Cellar

Rooftop Lounge

Each evening before dinner, most guests make their way to the Rooftop Lounge to enjoy a relaxed cocktail hour and recount the day’s adventures. The Rooftop Lounge boasts beautiful views in every direction and is the epitome of opulent western elegance. Tucked away on the top floor of the Main Lodge, the Lounge features our stunning, glass-enclosed wine cellar and plenty of cozy spaces to relax, inside by the fire or on one of the aerie-like decks. Sidle on up to the bar and perch yourself on a singular tractor seat barstool to choose from a selection of regional craft beers, or to try our signature Huckleberry Lemondrop cocktail. Our bartenders pride themselves, and have some fun, by including a local spirit or ingredient in every cocktail. Guests have been known to wile away a snowy winter afternoon in the Rooftop Lounge sitting by the fire with a warm drink to work on a custom Stave Puzzle.