Yoga & Guided Meditation

Guided Yoga & Meditation Embrace the serenity here on the Ranch, and relax with a Guided Yoga or Meditation Session from one of our Certified Yoga Instructors! Clear and focus your mind to bring yourself fully into the present, breathe deeply to fill your lungs with the fresh mountain air, and better absorb all the … Continued


Surrounded by endless miles of hiking adventure! The Bitterroot National Forest is a hiker’s paradise. Hiking Trails from the ranch are plentiful, with even more trails located off ranch to alpine destinations. Enjoy hikes along streams, cascading falls, alpine lakes or to the top of the tallest peak in the Bitterroots. Our Chefs will be … Continued

Double H Hat Workshop

Cowboy Hat Shaping Demonstration & Workshop Watch the magic unfurl as hat maker Rich Sublette demonstrates the skills involved in creating stunning cowboy hats at the Double H Hat Shop, located in Darby, MT. Begin with a tour of the showroom to see the wide array of beautiful beaver fur and palm leaf hats, as … Continued