Horseback Riding

Saddle Up! What better way to explore the beauty of the western countryside than on horseback? Over wildflower meadows in spring… under blue mountain skies during the summer… through the richly scented needles of a Ponderosa pine forest in fall… or across a trail of freshly fallen snow, horseback riding at Triple Creek Ranch is … Continued

Cattle Working Rides

Saddle up, move ’em in! Team Penning Move the herd in & enjoy a friendly competition on horseback in this timed event! Teams of 3 participate in separating individual calves from the herd, and move those calves to a separate pen. Then, when the day is over, have fun turning out the herd for the … Continued

CB Horseback Rides

Cross Country Horseback Rides Head out on the trails with a Triple Creek Ranch wrangler, & get a different perspective of the Bitterroot Valley while enjoying breathtaking mountain vistas, on this cross country adventure ride through our beautiful 26,000 acre sister ranch… the CB Ranch! On your way to the perfect overlook for a delicious … Continued

Lewis & Clark Trail Ride

Lewis & Clark Trail Ride with Rawhide Outfitters These leisurely horse rides traverse along a picturesque trail that was traveled by Lewis & Clark. With amazing views and wildlife, you will get a sense of what it must have been like for Lewis & Clark during their historic crossing. Reaching the summit, observe a panoramic view … Continued

Saddle to Paddle – with Historian

An Epic Journey Embark on a unique adventure, promising an unforgettable day filled with the thrill of horseback riding, the tranquility of riverside dining, and the beauty of a scenic river float. Over the course of your trip, you will have the opportunity to travel over the routes Lewis and Clark took while using the … Continued