Horseback Riding

Saddle Up! What better way to explore the beauty of the western countryside than on horseback? Over wildflower meadows in spring… under blue mountain skies during the summer… through the richly scented needles of a Ponderosa pine forest in fall… or across a trail of freshly fallen snow, horseback riding at Triple Creek Ranch is … Continued

Mountain Wellness Spa

Hideaway in Ultimate Relaxation After a day in the saddle or on the slopes, our Mountain Wellness treatment menu offers a finely tuned selection of spa services and experiential sessions that complement our bucolic setting. Services are performed at our Treatment Cabin in the Bear Grass & Pinedrop Treatment Rooms, conveniently located near the Main … Continued

Yoga & Guided Meditation

Guided Yoga & Meditation Embrace the serenity here on the Ranch, and relax with a Guided Yoga or Meditation Session from one of our Certified Yoga Instructors! Clear and focus your mind to bring yourself fully into the present, breathe deeply to fill your lungs with the fresh mountain air, and better absorb all the … Continued


Walking in a Winter Wonderland Enjoy letting your thoughts wander while floating on the snow through the cool glistening mountains! Guided Snowshoeing Join one of our amazing Activity Guides on a snow filled adventure through the pines & pastures of Triple Creek Ranch! With multiple routes available, based on experience level, there’s something for everyone. … Continued

Inner Tubing

Leave your worries behind & let laughter cleanse your soul! Bundle up & get ready to hold on tight for a silly, heart-pumping, wild ride sure to take you back to when you were a kid. Experience availability subject to minimum snowfall requirement. Need help to keep away the cold? Winter gear is available in … Continued